Release party in Czech Republic

These evenings symphonic black metal band Welicoruss will represent you fourth long-awaited album “Siberian Heathen Horde”! It`s a great and very inportant step forward in biography of band! Definitely you will be able to find roots of last albums there but the main thing is that band will show everybody how wide and various could be their music. During these 3 release parties in Czech Republic you will hear all songs from new album as well all old hits and songs which band have never play before!

New show, new special guests, new album!

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4/05 Prague Facebook Event
5/05 Ostrava  Facebook Event
6/05 Brno Facebook Event 25152417_1972857026259606_499752432075653792_n

New 2018 is coming!

Everybody now sum up last year and we think we also need to do that!

In year 2017 we have played more then 110 gigs everywhere in Europe, drove more then 45 000 km (it`s circumference
of Earth!), visited 12 countries, played on several really big festivals, met a huge amount of new fans and freinds! It`s big experience in work we do every weekend, exploring metal scene, getting new connections! We are so happy to realize that you are, Dear Friends, supporting us, come every time, talk with us or interest in our problems and private life! So that is why we are trying to give you as much energy and music as we could, spend plenty of time in our van (our poor butts!) trying to reach concert location, sleepless nights during tours, tons of alcohol and etc.!

During last 2017 year our bassplayer Dmitry left band but we found another amazing guy Ondřej Hec, we learned that guitar player Gojko Marić in early 2018 will become father, our crazy “everytime smiling” drummer Ilya Ilyas Tabachnik get endorsement from Samsun Cymbals, we have already composed 75% of new album, we drove two pretty long tours with Wolves Den and Harakiri For The Sky, organized two edition of Hellhammer Festival, played on Wave Gotik Treffen fest in Leipzig, Heathen Rock fest in Hamburg, Folk & Metal fest in Bucharest, Devils Rock for an Angel fest in Belgium, Barther Open Air fest in Germany and ofcouse highlight of 2017 is Hellfest in France!

Thank you again, see you in 2018 with new album, DVD and a lot of gigs and fun! Happy New Year!


New “Siberian Star” hoodie/zipper from Welicoruss

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So, finally we made brand new limited edition hoodies! Quality really good and also awesome design! If you want to get it – hurry up, becouse we have only 50 pieces! Aslo you can get it on Hellhammer festival tour with Harakiri for the sky and Lychgate!

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Welicoruss has 12th birthday today!

Dear friends! On this day, exactly 12 years ago, band leader Alexey Boganov became friends with first keabord player of Welicoruss Pavel Feluhin on show of power metal band from Novosibirsk Devaty Val in the legendary club Rock City, and exactly on this day the Welicoruss band was born!
During those years have happened so many things, that we could have written many books about it, band have played so many gigs, that it is difficult to imagine, people from so many different countries have heard Welicoruss live, and the most important – band has moved from Novosibirsk to capital city of Czech Republic, Prague, and with new face, image, with new band members and new conception our band is moving forward to our goal! Many of our metal friends and colleagues in Novosibirsk have finished their work in musical business, many of new people appeared, and we would love in this day (even in Prague is very cloudy weather right now) to wish ourselves all the best, many success and musical energy, which would push us even more forward, so we can faster achieve what we really want and we could faster compose new song that we even imagine!

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