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Balkan tour 2017

We survived!
3000 km for 5 days, 4 concerts, 3 countries and a lot of new fans! Our Balkan tour passed by much more successful then we expected! We have got plenty of new friends and fans, great experience of playing with Arkona on pretty big Folk & Metal Fest IV 2017 in Bucharest, hundreds of kilometers of beautiful landscapes and ofcouse tasty Balkan food and rakja! Friends, don`t worry – we will come back to you very soon with new album!



Welicoruss will play Balkan Tour!

So, Friends, we would like to announce that finally WELICORUSS will have first Balkan tour in the end of september! We will play in Hungary, Romania and Serbia so we are really looking forward for that!

27/09 HU Debrecen –
28/09 RO Cluj-Napoka –
29/09 RO Bucharest –
30/09 RS TBA
01/10 RS Belgrade –

Balkan copy

Hellhammer festival 2017: Winter Edition

This time festival will have really special bands and we think you will like it! By the way – bands like Harakiri for the sky, Welicoruss, Lychgate, Desire for Sorrow will play new songs from new albums so don`t miss Hellhammer fest! Join the events and spread the word everywhere!

Confirmed bands:
HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY [AT, post black metal]
WELICORUSS [RU, symphonic black metal]
LYCHGATE [UK, avant-garde black metal]
SILVA NIGRA [CZ, black metal]
MALLEPHYR [CZ, black/death metal]
DESIRE OF SORROW [CZ, melodic black metal]
EMBRACE THE DARKNESS [CZ, melodic death/doom metal]
NOCTURNAL PESTILENCE [CZ, melodic/extreme metal]
NEKTESM [CZ, black metal]



Pre-order of tickets: