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Welicoruss on HellFest 2017!

HellFest 2017

We would like proudly announce that WELICORUSS was invited to play on one of the biggest metal festivals of Europe (maybe even world – according to the Wikipedia) Hellfest Open Air Festival on the same stage with Wardruna, Emperor, Opeth, Turisas, Behemoth, Alestorm, Marduk and others! We are really very extited and cannot wait for that great moment for Welicoruss!

HellHammer Festival 2017

Hey metalheads! Welicoruss will play on Hellhammer festival 2017 not only in Czech Republic but also in Austria! Join the events!

HellHammer Festival 2017

31/03 AT Wien
01/03 AT Salzburg
02/03 AT Graz
14/04 CZ Prague
15/04 CZ Brno
16/04 CZ Ostrava