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Hellhammer festival 2017: Winter Edition tour

Very soon WELICORUSS will go on Hellhammer Festival tour (yes, now its not only local festival;) with really interesting bands who plays very unique music – post black metal band from Austria Harakiri for the sky and avantgarde black metal from UK Lychgate! We look forward to this tour and for our fans we will have a small surprise, so, Friends, please help us a little with promotion – add your friends to FB events and share this poster! Hornsup!

01/12 CZ Prague / Nová Chmelnice –
02/12 CZ Ostrava / Barrák –
03/12 CZ Brno / Melodka –
04/12 SK Bratislava / Randal –
05/12 HU Budapest / Dürer Kert –
06/12 SK Banská Bystrica / Tartaros –
07/12 HU Győr / Dongó Klub –
08/12 AT Graz / Club Q (only Welicoruss) –
09/12 AT Salzburg / MARK club –
10/12 AT Vienna / AERA club –

Pre-order tickets:

HHF2017WE TOUR poster4

Dmitry is leaving Welicoruss

With heavy heart, we would “like” to inform you that our mighty and shaggy bassplayer Dmitry is leaving our horde. From the very beginning of Welicoruss`s creation in the Czech Republic, he helped us in everything and for all this time he became our brother. But apparently not all of us have passionate dream to make music and to achieve serious result in that, but nevertheless we respect another’s opinion as well! We still remain friends a we think that we will meet with a mug of excellent Czech beer again and again, well, maybe someday we’ll play for several show together! Welicoruss would like expresses its most grateful gratitude to Dmitriy for participating in our band and we hope, that he has many pleasant memories of past times! – Alexey, Gojko, Ilja.

Also you can find Dmitry`s message on his FB page:

“Well, the summer is over, and it’s just a right time to sum up. I’ve played about 168 gigs in 12 different countries with WELICORUSS from years 2014 to 2017. On August 19th in Netherlands we played our conclusive gig together, and from today I’m not the constant member of Welicoruss anymore. I’m still in touch with them, and maybe in case of emergency I can help covering for the new bass player, but I hope they will do fine themselves. I can proudly say that I’ve been with the band in the most difficult times and I’ve dedicated it really much of my time and strength.
I would like to thank everybody who I met during this period of time for your support and the great time we spent together. We’ve found many really good and interesting people on our way, and I hope to see you again some time. I’m not giving up with music of course, so maybe in future I’ll do some stuff, but it’s not my prioritized area of life though.
But I think I’ll do some further posts analyzing some stuff that I’ve seen on tour. Probably some “top-5” of something – like clubs, gigs, cities etc. If you’d like to, you can put your requests in comments. There is really much to share from all this time!”