– Az Esm’ (2015) review

Welicoruss are a relatively successful black metal band from Novosibirsk, Russia. If you are not geographically familiar with “Novosibirsk” that is in Siberia where savage weather can combine to birth some brutal and angry metal. The bands new album “Az Esm” (which means “I am” in ancient Russian) is a great example of what one can expect a Siberian black metal band to sound like. “Az Esm” is the 4th album in the bands discography.  Started as a solo project by Alexey Boganov (Vocals) in 2002 Welicoruss as a band came together in 2006 and has been rather successful ever since.

As a fan of black metal I found the bands symphonic sound to be enjoyable. Welicoruss is a band I would love to see in the corner of my eye as I’m being thrown around in a mosh pit. As I listened to “Voice of a millennium” a third and fourth time I was really able to appreciate the effort the band put into the recording quality of the album. The bass sounded phenomenal on my subwoofers as I played the album throughout multiple times.

I also enjoyed the touch of Anastasia’s voice in “Woloshba” which made the track sound almost orchestral while still keeping the bands signature melodic black metal sound. I could almost hear the darkness in Alexey’s deep tone. I felt the moods within his words and phrases without even understanding their meanings. The album honestly makes me want to learn how to speak Russian so I can fully grasp the concept behind the music and lyrics.

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