Spirit-Of-Metal.com – Kharnha (2011) review

“Rich with classical and orchestral overtones, “Kharna” offers a unique twist on metal that gives each track its own soun”

Hailing from Russia and founded in 2002 by Alexy Boganov, WelicoRuss is a symphonic black metal band that combines black metal vocals with cleaner and more melodic vocals that’s supported by very professional and atmospheric musicianship. Rich with classical and orchestral overtones, “Kharna” offers a unique twist on metal that gives each track its own sound. Though there only five tracks on this EP, each clock in a little over six minutes (aside from the intro), so you are still being given an opportunity to hear the intricate details of each composition.

The self-titled track is done in two different versions. One being more traditional and carries some serious riffs and symphonic guitar that doesn’t take away from the natural feel WelicoRuss is offering to the listener. The dual vocals flow very naturally with the melody, giving “Kharna” a very worldly sound. The second version is also very well done, strictly orchestra and is just very different with its purely instrumental style, almost giving it a peaceful feeling.

On “Dolmen” they integrate a female singer which I really like and there is more of an orchestral composition that just gives the track a huge wall of sound. It is a little more on the metal side with a strong guitar lead and Alexy’s dark vocals. “Bridge of Hope” is the only one that I would say was a little bit too over the top but I did like the traditional style singing that went along with it though I would say they could have slowed down the drums a little more to fit with the piece.

Kharna” is a really short sample of WelicoRuss’s music and it’s really hard to opinion on it but I am excited to see what they give us with their next full-length album. With that being said, the compositions do flow really well and I love the fact that they integrate so many different sounds with their music. If only to get an idea of what WelicoRuss is about, I would highly recommend picking up this album!

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