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Az Esm’ video clip is out!

After a long time of working and trying to conceptualize our ideas, we finally would like to introduce you to our video entitled “Az Esm” a song featured on our new Album! We also would like to thank everyone who took part in the creation of this video and amazing project.We did a great job and also had fun throughout all these days (or best to say nights – we filmed the video in the concert hall during 3 long nights) and certainly, we all have something to remember from this since it was an unforgettable experience! To all our fans out there we would also like to thank you for your patience and support, and a huge request to all to spread this video, wherever possible!

Trailer of the new music video for Az Esm’ song

FINALLY! We have very good news for you! Official video for our song “Az Esm`” is almost ready – we need to make some post production and you will see it in the end of november 2015, but now you can check small trailer for this video! Don`t forget to share it with your friends;)