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Date Venue City Country
19.08.2017 Fantasy Festival
Open Air
Dokkum Netherlands Click
17.08.2017 Barther Metal Open Air
Barth Germany Click
18.06.2017 HellFest 2017
HellFest open-air
Clisson France Click
11.06.2017 Az Esm' Tour
Jan Hertog Live Club
Maasmechelen Belgium Click
10.06.2017 Az Esm' Tour
De Verlichte Geest
Roselare Belgium Click
09.06.2017 Az Esm' Tour
Muziekcafe Twilight
Oostende Belgium Click
05.06.2017 Wave Gotik Treffen Festival
Leipzig Germany Click
03.06.2017 Az Esm' Tour
Magnapop Music Club
Krefeld Germany Click
02.06.2017 Az Esm' Tour
Pooca Bar
Hamburg Germany Click
27.05.2017 Az Esm' Tour
Brin De Zinc
Chambery France Click
26.05.2017 Az Esm' Tour
Tattoo Bar-Pub
Monthey Switzerland Click
25.05.2017 Az Esm' Tour
La Taniere Cafe
St. Etienne France Click
24.05.2017 Az Esm' Tour
Kulturforderverein Stud e.V.
Offenburg Germany Click
14.05.2017 Az Esm' Tour
RudeBoy Club
Bielsko-Biała Poland Click
13.05.2017 Az Esm' Tour
Fuga Club
Bratislava Slovakia Click
12.05.2017 Az Esm' Tour
Rock Club Tartaros
Banska Bystrica Slovakia Click
06.05.2017 Az Esm' Tour
Parlament Club
Plzeň Czech Republic Click
05.05.2017 Az Esm' Tour
Alte Kaffeerosterei
Plauen Germany Click
16.04.2017 HellHammer Festival 2017
Barrák Music Club
Ostrava Czech Republic Click
15.04.2017 HellHammer Festival 2017
Klub Melodka
Brno Czech Republic Click
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