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Date Venue City Country
23.05.2015 Under Dark Moon 2015
Under Dark Moon Festival
Dolní Čermná Czech Republic Click
18.04.2015 Welicoruss + Baldrs Draumar
Zero Club
Dokkum Netherlands Click
16.04.2015 Seide + Welicoruss + Baldrs Draumar + Funeral Dawn
Le Klub
Paris France Click
03.04.2015 Hell Hammer festival 2015
Exit-us Club
Prague Czech Republic Click
27.03.2015 Nargaroth + Christ Agony + Witchmaster + Welicoruss
Club From Hell
Erfurt Germany Click
07.03.2015 Finsterforst + Welicoruss
Graffitti Jugendzentrum
Bern Switzerland Click
28.02.2015 Infernal Tour
Exit-us Club
Prague Czech Republic Click
27.02.2015 Infernal Tour
Beat Club Jam
Plzeň Czech Republic Click
21.02.2015 Infernal Tour
Klub Žlutý Pes
Pardubice Czech Republic Click
24.01.2015 Pagan Black Night vol. 7
RC Brooklyn
Brno Czech Republic Click
23.01.2015 Under Dark Moon Winter 2015
KD Verměřovice
Verměřovice Czech Republic Click
17.01.2015 Welicoruss + Heathen Foray
Jugendkulturzentrum Explosiv
Graz Austria Click
17.01.2015 Welicoruss + Alphayn
Viper Room
Vienna Austria Click
13.12.2014 Last Xmas on Earth 5
Evolution of Metal
Dresden Germany Click
06.12.2014 Night of Silvans
Exit-us Club
Prague Czech Republic Click
21.11.2014 Svarunova noč XIV
Klub Jedro
Ljubljana Slovenia Click
09.11.2014 Woodscream + Welicoruss + Odraedir
Exit-us Club
Prague Czech Republic Click
18.10.2014 II Ogólnopolski Zlot Miłośników Folk Metalu
Progresja Music Zone
Warsaw Poland Click
10.09.2014 Ithilien + Welicoruss + Return To Innocence
Fatal Music Club
Prague Czech Republic Click
16.08.2014 Made of Metal 2014
Made of Metal Festival
Hodonin Czech Republic Click
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