Past dates

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Date Venue City Country
30.09.2006 Rock-Vozrozhdenie
Zebra Club
Barnaul Russia Click
14.08.2006 Dead Summer Day festival
Gorizont Club
Novosibirsk Russia Click
25.07.2006 Rock fest
Lunopark Club
Novosibirsk Russia Click
06.07.2006 Rock fest
Luna Club
Berdsk Russia Click
25.06.2006 Novosibirsk City Birthday
Novosibirsk – Lenin square
Novosibirsk Russia Click
18.05.2006 Student Spring fest
Novosibirsk State Technical University
Novosibirsk Russia Click
01.04.2006 Rock Olymp festival
Rock City Club
Novosibirsk Russia Click
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