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Date Venue City Country
05.05.2017 Az Esm' Tour
Alte Kaffeerosterei
Plauen Germany Click
16.04.2017 HellHammer Festival 2017
Barrák Music Club
Ostrava Czech Republic Click
15.04.2017 HellHammer Festival 2017
Klub Melodka
Brno Czech Republic Click
14.04.2017 HellHammer Festival 2017
Klub Nová Chmelnice
Prague Czech Republic Click
09.04.2017 Az Esm' Tour
The Kunstverein
Nuremberg Germany Click
08.04.2017 Az Esm' Tour
Klub Klinik
Löbau Germany Click
07.04.2017 Az Esm' Tour
Blackland Metal&Rock Pub
Berlin Germany Click
02.04.2017 HellHammer Festival 2017
Jugendkulturzentrum Explosiv
Graz Austria Click
01.04.2017 HellHammer Festival 2017
Salzburg Austria Click
31.03.2017 HellHammer Festival 2017
Cafe Aera
Vienna Austria Click
26.03.2017 Darkness Descents Tour
New Force
Erlangen Germany Click
25.03.2017 Darkness Descents Tour
VFRR Klubhaus
Großerlach Germany Click
24.03.2017 Darkness Descents Tour
Underground Club
Wuppertal Germany Click
23.03.2017 Darkness Descents Tour
Magnapop Music Club
Krefeld Germany Click
21.03.2017 Darkness Descents Tour
Rockclub the Cave
Amsterdam Netherlands Click
19.03.2017 Darkness Descents Tour
Az Aachen
Aachen Germany Click
18.03.2017 Darkness Descents Tour
La legia
Liege Belgium Click
17.03.2017 Darkness Descents Tour
Charleroi Belgium Click
16.03.2017 Darkness Descents Tour
Le Klub
Paris France Click
15.03.2017 Darkness Descents Tour
El Diablo Rock Club
Lille France Click
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