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Date Venue City Country
20.11.2015 Welicoruss tour in Poland
Klub Muzyczny Liverpool
Wroclaw Poland Click
19.11.2015 Welicoruss tour in Poland
Stereo Krogs
Łódź Poland Click
18.11.2015 Welicoruss tour in Poland
Rock Side 99
Warsaw Poland Click
17.11.2015 Welicoruss tour in Poland
RudeBoy Club
Bielsko-Biała Poland Click
16.11.2015 Welicoruss tour in Poland
Kawiarnia Naukowa
Kraków Poland Click
15.11.2015 Welicoruss tour in Poland
Pub Korba
Katowice Poland Click
14.11.2015 Welicoruss 10th Anniversary | Brno
FAVAL Music Circus
Brno Czech Republic Click
13.11.2015 Welicoruss 10th Anniversary | Prague
Klub Nová Chmelnice
Prague Czech Republic Click
10.11.2015 Welicoruss + Mornir + Fagus
Garage Deluxe
München Germany Click
06.11.2015 Live in Oer-Erkenschwick
JOE e.V.
Oer-Erkenschwick Germany Click
31.10.2015 Live in Lübbenau
Kulturhof Lübbenau
Lübbenau Germany Click
30.10.2015 XIV. Dark Centuries + WELICORUSS + Munarheim
Sächsischer Bahnhof
Gera Germany Click
10.10.2015 Folk Metal Pilgrims
Barrák Music Club
Ostrava Czech Republic Click
03.10.2015 FROV fest 2015
Sportovní Areál Blanice
Vodňany Czech Republic Click
05.09.2015 Rock for Roots 2015
Rock for Roots Festival
Nauen Germany Click
29.08.2015 Wolfszeit festival 2015
Wolfszeit Festival
Crispendorf Germany Click
28.08.2015 Headbangers Desaster IV
Huber Hof
Suben Austria Click
29.07.2015 GOTHOOM open air fest 6,66
Gothoom Festival
Ostrý Grúň Slovakia Click
11.07.2015 Exit Festival 2015
Explosive Stage
Novi Sad Serbia Click
10.07.2015 Welicoruss + Leecher + Elanor
ShowBarlang Club
Budapest Hungary Click
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