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Date Venue City Country
09.07.2015 Welicoruss solo concert
MC Pekarna
Maribor Slovenia Click
20.06.2015 Vekeri festival 2015
Vekeri Festival
Debrecen Hungary Click
19.06.2015 Apocalyptic Form Of Death 2015
Apocalyptic Form Of Death festival
Trhové Sviny Czech Republic Click
12.06.2015 Chemical Warfare vol. 2
Baronka Club
Litoměřice Czech Republic Click
06.06.2015 Welicoruss + Kaatarakt + Delion
Excalibar Taverne
Bossonnens Switzerland Click
30.05.2015 Heathen Metal Clash vol.2
Klub Melodka
Brno Czech Republic Click
23.05.2015 Under Dark Moon 2015
Under Dark Moon Festival
Dolní Čermná Czech Republic Click
18.04.2015 Welicoruss + Baldrs Draumar
Zero Club
Dokkum Netherlands Click
16.04.2015 Seide + Welicoruss + Baldrs Draumar + Funeral Dawn
Le Klub
Paris France Click
03.04.2015 Hell Hammer festival 2015
Exit-us Club
Prague Czech Republic Click
27.03.2015 Nargaroth + Christ Agony + Witchmaster + Welicoruss
Club From Hell
Erfurt Germany Click
07.03.2015 Finsterforst + Welicoruss
Graffitti Jugendzentrum
Bern Switzerland Click
28.02.2015 Infernal Tour
Exit-us Club
Prague Czech Republic Click
27.02.2015 Infernal Tour
Beat Club Jam
Plzeň Czech Republic Click
21.02.2015 Infernal Tour
Klub Žlutý Pes
Pardubice Czech Republic Click
24.01.2015 Pagan Black Night vol. 7
RC Brooklyn
Brno Czech Republic Click
23.01.2015 Under Dark Moon Winter 2015
KD Verměřovice
Verměřovice Czech Republic Click
17.01.2015 Welicoruss + Heathen Foray
Jugendkulturzentrum Explosiv
Graz Austria Click
17.01.2015 Welicoruss + Alphayn
Viper Room
Vienna Austria Click
13.12.2014 Last Xmas on Earth 5
Evolution of Metal
Dresden Germany Click
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